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RCCB RCD 63A Residual Current Circuit Breaker Charging pile special leakage protector

The FRD1-63 Type B RCCB boasts a novel and sleek appearance design, coupled with a compact structure that ensures good reliability and high safety.These products are fully compliant with IEC61008-1, IEC62423, and other relevant standards, and have received complete product certification. They are designed to provide maximum operational continuity under all working conditions, offering higher protection levels against all tripping waveforms listed in the Standards EN 62423. With their universal capabilities, Type B RCCBs are ideal for many applications, including EV Charging Stations, Cranes and Elevators, and Wind Power Systems, ensuring maximum safety at all times.

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) is an electrical safety device that quickly disconnects a circuit that leaks current to earth. It is designed to protect equipment and reduce the risk of serious injury from sustained electrical shock. RCCBs work on the principle of residual current, which is current flowing through ground or other unintended paths due to insulation failure or other reasons. The RCCB detects this current and breaks the circuit to prevent electrical accidents.


RCCBs are commonly used in homes, offices and other buildings where electrical safety is a concern. They are usually installed on distribution boards and can protect multiple circuits at the same time. RCCBs have different sensitivity levels, which determine the amount of residual current that triggers their tripping. In general, RCCBs have a sensitivity range of 10-300 mA.


Overall, RCCBs are an important safety measure for protecting against electrical accidents caused by residual current faults.

Product name
Residual current circuit breaker
Rated current In
Rated Voltage
Short-circuit breaking capacity
Pole Configuration
Characteristic Curve
Charging pile special leakage protector
2 Years
Din rail


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