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FR7-63 4P WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker

A smart circuit breaker is an electronic device that operates the circuit breaker through remote control to turn on or off, monitor and collect the use status of the circuit and load equipment. Smart circuit breakers can feed back and record the information status of circuits and equipment through the Internet in real time.

Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker, suitable for circuits with rated working voltage of 230V/400V, AC 50Hz, and rated current up to 80A. 

When a person exits a point or the leakage current of the power grid exceeds the specified value, the circuit breaker can quickly cut off the faulty power supply in a very short time, protecting the safety of personnel and electrical equipment. At the same time, it plays a role in overload and short circuit protection for the line, and can also be used for infrequent operation and switching of the line.

Through Internet of Things communication technology (such as WIFI, LORA, NB LOT, 4G, RS-485, Bluetooth, Ethernet, etc.), remote control of circuit breakers in the line is achieved to automatically close and power on, and the main switch is disconnected and powered off. By utilizing the integrated collection of smart electricity systems, data such as circuit breaker voltage, current, leakage current, internal temperature of the product, electricity consumption, closing status, opening status, overload, short circuit, and leakage fault alarms can be read; Through data analysis and statistical calculations, remote control and energy-saving electricity management are carried out for various application sites, achieving intelligent electricity safety management.
Currently widely used in remote control circuits for homes, dormitories, municipal engineering, street lamps, farms, and rental housing.

Feeo WiFi smart circuit breaker is a unique circuit breaker that integrates overload protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, load limitation (power limitation), voltage monitoring, current monitoring, energy measurement, maintenance safety switch, leakage current monitoring, leakage function self check, current regulation, leakage protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection. We also provide professional project solutions. One WiFi circuit breaker can replace 9 types of low-voltage electrical protection equipment.

Product name WIFI Circuit Breaker
Rated Current 6A,10A,16A,20A,25A,32A,40A,50A,63A,80A
Rated Voltage 230/400V
Short-circuit breaking capacity 10KA
Pole Configuration 1P+N,2P,3P,3P+N,4P
Characteristic Curve B,C,D
Certificate CB/CE/IEC/TUV
Application PV Solar System
Warranty 2 Years
Mounting Din rail


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