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    FEEO: Go Hiking

    FEEO: Go Hiking

    Nov 25, 2016

    Last weekend,we had organized a hike and barbecue in HUANG TAN DONG village.HUANG TAN DONG village is very beautiful village. There are many kinds of trees and many rivulets. You could see many age-old houses.

    Feeo Electric Tells You What Is An Overload

    Feeo Electric Tells You What Is An Overload

    Nov 03, 2016

    An overload current is an excessive current relative to the normal operating current, but one which is confined to the normal conductive paths of the circuit. Overloads are often between one and six times the normal current level. They are usually caused by harmless temporary surges in current that occur when motors are started up or transformers are energised. Such overloads (transients) are very brief in duration and any rise in temperature is trivial and has no harmful effects on the circuit components.